About Me


Photo credit: Grant Patterson


Hi! My name is Georgia Nanscawen, and I am a current member of the Australian Women’s Hockey team, the Hockeyroos. In 2009, at the age of 17, I made my International debut, becoming the third youngest woman in history to play for Australia.

Since then I have been fortunate to play just under 150 international caps, and have competed at the following major International events:

  • Champions Trophy-2009 (silver medal) & 2014 (silver medal)
  • Junior World Cup-2009 & 2013
  • World Cup-2010 & 2014 (silver medal)
  • Commonwealth Games-2014 (gold medal)
  • Olympic Games-2012

Although hockey certainly is a big part of my life, I believe it is important to be able to live with some balance.

I have always been a creative person, preferring to get stuck into a hands on project, rather than sit down and do a maths equation or write an essay. This love of creativity eventually led me into the world of graphic design. LITTLE PIPPIN DESIGNS focuses on my work as a graphic designer. I have done a range of projects for various different clients, including logos, fliers, business cards, wedding invites, birth notifications and more. I am always looking for new challenges to continue to learn and improve my skills.

As an athlete, not only is it important to train hard, but it is equally vital to fuel your body correctly through good nutrition. Whether it’s cooking or eating, I love food…like, I REALLY love food! I also have a big sweet tooth. Although it would be lovely to eat a salted caramel filled Krispy Kreme doughnut every night of my life, it’s probably not going to be ideal for optimal athletic performance. My quest is to be able to make yummy food that I don’t have to feel so guilty about eating. LITTLE PIPPIN FOOD follows my foodie adventures, creating tasty treats that are 100% natural and refined sugar-free.

And why the name Little Pippin? The nickname was given to me by one of my coaches as he believed I resembled a Hobbit-short and curly haired! It’s a good thing I’m a fan of the Lord of the Rings!

I am LITTLE PIPPIN and I hope you enjoy my CREATIONS!

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